What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag

If you’re a makeup lover, you know that this is the hardest bag to pack: the travel makeup bag. I’m notorious for agonizing over what to bring. What if I want to wear this eyeshadow? What if we decide to go out somewhere nice and I want a shimmery lipgloss to complete the look? Total first world problems, I know. Well, today I’m packing for a three week trip to Europe, and let me tell you: picking my makeup items was ridiculously hard.

This post is going to be a long one, so buckle up.

Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask Travel

Planes are dry, and can sap all the moisture out of your skin. The recycled air can really do a number on you, so whenever I travel I like to pick up an overnight mask with hydrating properties. Sephora sells these one time use masks that are super handy. If you’re me, you can throw it on while you’re on the plane to stop from ever feeling dry, or you can do it the first night after you arrive at your destination. Travel makeup is nothing without travel skincare (which I’m going to have a whole post on next week!)


False Lashes

Ardell Travel Makeup

When I’m travelling, I like a multi-pack of lashes to keep things organized and easy. The demi-whispies are some of my absolute favourite lashes because they add just enough to a look without going overboard.  They’re also dirt cheap and you can get them off of Amazon, shipped straight to your door. Here’s a look I did using these lashes:


A good liquid liner

Trooper Travel Makeup

The perfect addition to any look, or the best standalone eye look with little effort required. Either way, having a good liquid liner with you never hurts. The tattoo liner in Trooper is one of my travel makeup favourites. It’ll stay all day without budging, and you need that type of reliability when you’re off seeing the sights.


A powder you can depend on

Travel Makeup Powder

I have repurchased this DeSlick Powder more times than I can count. It mattifies and sets your makeup so that it will last all day, and because it’s translucent, you never have to worry about colour matching. I use it to set my entire face and I’ve never had issues with flashback from flash photography, or cakey buildup. This really is my #1 powder. Oily/Combo skin girls: rejoice.


MultiPurpose Brushes

Travel Makeup Brushes

The key when packing your brushes is to try to cover all your bases, and get as many multi-purpose tools as you can. Pictured here from L-R are the Tarte Bamboo Powder Brush, the Luxie Highlighter, Sigma E40, and Luxie Angled Brush. Each have multiple uses in my makeup regimen, making them space-savers. The powder brush can be used for setting as well as blending face products like bronzer and blush. The highlighter brush can be used for setting the undereyes as well as highlighting, and the blending brush is great for all-over shadow application, not just crease colour. The angled brush can be used for contour and blush. Save space with your tools! Travel makeup is about finding products that you can use for several things.


Brow Pencil

Travel Makeup Brows

If you have makeup on, chances are you need a brow pencil. Need I say more? Honestly, even with the most minimal of makeup, I need brows, and my Anastasia Brow Wiz has never let me down. Don’t abandon your brows when you’re on vacation!


Face Makeup

Travel Makeup Foundation

You want products you can depend on for this. Tried and true favourites, not something new you’re trying out. I like the Shape Tape because it really works for blemishes, and you can sheer it out under the eyes for a more natural look if you need to. The True Match Lumi has been my favourite for a while now, because it just gives the most beautiful glow to the skin. So, pro tip: take your favourites with you, not new products.


Longwear Lips

Travel Makeup Kylie Lipkit

I want a lip that will last me, because who knows when I’ll be able to touch up? Now, I’ve tried quite a few liquid lip formulas, and Kylie’s are by far my favourite. Say what you want about the girl, she makes a damn good lipstick. I opt to bring a nude and a bold, so that I’m set for any occasion. Pictured here are Koko K (mentioned in my favourite nudes for pale girls!) and Mary Jo K.


Compact Cheek Products

Travel Makeup Cheeks

I lucked out with this one. Sephora had the Chocolate Soleil bronzer as a 100-point perk when I went to pick up some essentials. Keep your eyes out for their perks like this! They make great travel sizes. Now I have one less compact to bring with me, because this is truly the perfect size for travel. The other item pictured is the Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette. Hourglass brings these palettes out around the holidays, and you should snag one if you get the chance. Three beautiful blushes in one sleek package: perfectly portable.


Travel Size Mascara

Travel Makeup Better

Another smart thing to quickly pick up at Sephora: a travel size of your favourite mascara. Now, I know I’m not the only one that thinks this, but the Better Than Sex travel size is a lot better than the full size. There’s something different about the formula, and I can’t put my finger on it. Weird, right? Anyways, this little guy is perfect for packing.


Travel Makeup BB

Last but not least: the trusty Beauty Blender. Now I know what you’re thinking: $28 for a sponge? You’re crazy! But hear me out. This little thing is a miracle worker. It will blend out anything into seamless perfection before you put any effort in at all. It’s magic, and so worth it. Stop looking at dupes and just get one. It works.


And that’s my travel makeup bag! Now I know it’s missing my travel makeup palettes, and the skincare I bring with me on the road, but those are all coming soon. I won’t leave you high and dry! I have so many other tips for how to make the most of your beauty regimen while travelling.

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