Pastel Goth Palette Promo Photo

Pastel Goth Palette – Review & Swatches


When I first saw the Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette I dismissed it. The colours didn’t jump out at me, and I already own the Urban Decay Electric Palette, so I didn’t really see the need for another brightly coloured palette. It wasn’t until I watched JKissa and Shannon Harris‘ videos on the palette that I fell in love. This is why I feel the need to tell you guys about this palette. It really is an absolutely beautiful collection of colours, and the formula is good as well, considering pastels are notoriously hard to formulate.

The Look


I used the palette to do this soft purple look I posted on Instagram a few days ago, and in this photo especially you can see how wearable this palette can be. Don’t be scared of the colours! They’re honestly so soft and pretty. When Kat curated these colours, she did an amazing job. Adding the grey and the white made all the difference for me, because you can darken the colours (while still allowing them to retain their pastel quality) and lighten them by adding these two shades. To me, this makes the palette more versatile.


Pastel Goth Palette Swatches
(From L-R: Star, Clementine, Meow, Dope, Doom, Gloom, Dagger, Skull)

Looking at the colours, they aren’t what you’d probably picture of when thinking of the word “pastel”, but I like that she went this route with the shades. Pastels are often so powdery and hard to work with in a powder formula (or any formula really) just because of the nature of the chemistry behind these types of shades. That’s why often pale shades are the hardest to work with in various collections.

The Pastel Goth palette colours have enough punch to be vibrant, and yet are soft enough to give a really springtime pastel look. I used these shades in this older photo as well, for a peach inspired look.

This palette really is so versatile, and I find it vastly different from other rainbow-toned palettes on the market. My Electric Palette is so much brighter, and is much better used as a pop of colour, whereas I find this palette can be easily used for complete looks.



Pastel Goth Palette with Flowers

The quality of the shades is good, although they can be quite powdery at times. This is to be expected from lighter shades, so it doesn’t bother me that much. The shades do benefit greatly from the use of a primer, and I wouldn’t use them without one, although I’d recommend a primer for every eye look. I’d expect a bit of kickback from your brush when using this palette, so don’t be alarmed.

The palette can create a wide range of wearable looks. I’d recommend this to someone who wants to dip their toes into the pond of coloured eye makeup. As someone who already loves coloured eye looks, this is a gorgeous addition to my collection. It’s really different from other eye palettes I’ve seen. Stunning and fun for Spring, I’ll be using this palette a lot.

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