Nude Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Pale Girl Diaries: Best Nude Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Nude lipsticks are the little black dresses of the cosmetics world. Brown nudes, pink nudes, peachy nudes, whatever the undertone, nudes will always be in style in one form or another. As a girl with fair skin (really fair, I’m talking the lightest shade of foundation is still sometimes too dark for me) I always find it really difficult to find the perfect nude. I know I’m not the only one who looks at swatches of gorgeous nudes, buys one, and then tries it on only to find out it’s straight up coral on my skintone. Well friends, I come bearing good news: there are nudes out there for us pale girls. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites to share with you. Swatches at the bottom of the list!

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MAC Cosmetics – Angel

MAC Angel

An oldie but a goodie, this lipstick has been the staple nude of many a girl before I discovered it. It’s one of their frost finishes, so it’s super easy to just throw it on quickly and reapply throughout the day. It’s a pink-toned nude, but I’ve always found this to go with absolutely any look. Mac’s lipsticks are usually a reliable formula, and this one does its job quite nicely on my fair skin.

Nudestix – Luxe

Nudestix Luxe

This one is my absolute favourite for everyday wear.  It’s sheer, but has enough colour that it adds liveliness to your lips. It’s so perfect with every single look I’ve tried it with, and the finish has a really pretty shine. I don’t like glossy lips as a rule, but this product has changed my mind in every way. They have so many pretty colours (I also have the pink one, Rebel) and I just want them all.

Nars – Rikugien

Nars Rikugien

A soft matte option for the in-between girls out there. This is so comfortable on the lips, and I use it often when I don’t know what lip colour to wear. It’s not too drying, but it has that satin look that’s easy to love.  Can I also say how much I love lipsticks that come in a pencil format? They’re so easy to apply and they make lipstick idiot-proof.

Kylie Cosmetics – Candy K

Before I talk about the colour, let me preface this by saying the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick formula is the best one I have ever tried. As for the colour, this is one of two colours that Kylie has that works for me as a nude. Candy K is great when you want a nude without as much of a pink undertone, as this one has more of a warm brown undertone to it. I love this to complete smokey eyes or dramatic winged liner looks.

Kylie Cosmetics – Koko K

Koko K

Last but certainly not least, Koko K will steal your heart if you’re looking for the perfect pinky nude. This lipstick has become my signature lip, and I use it more than any other lipstick I’ve ever owned. It will wear all day and it smells like cupcakes, what more does a girl need in a lipstick? If you don’t have Koko K, you are missing out. As far as nude lipsticks go, this is my MVP.



Nude Swatches


What are your favourite nude lipsticks? Hop on over to Instagram and let me know, or leave a comment below! Make sure to check out the Pale Girl Diaries about Highlighters!

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  1. I was just looking at nude lipsticks in an Avon catalogue last night. Completely overwhelmed by the selection, I ended up closing the catalogue and putting it away. Then, this morning, I saw the link to your website on our Blog Boss Tribe’s Facebook group and decided to pop over and visit you. I’m so glad that I did because you’ve narrowed down the nude lipsticks for me. Now, just to go shopping!

    From one pale gal to another, thanks for sharing this post. Have a terrific day!

  2. I wish I would’ve known this all winter! I was looking for the perfect shade that didn’t wash me out and I love most of these brands so I will definitely have to give them a try in the fall.

  3. Great list of recommendations. I tend to steer clear of lipsticks in general, because everything looks garish with my pale skin. Like, we’re talking I look like a tart. haha I really like the Nudestix Lush color-I may have to try that one out!

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