My Current Travel Makeup Palettes

When I’m looking at what to pack for travel makeup, I’m looking at portability and maximum efficiency. This is true with makeup palettes especially. I shy away from bringing single eyeshadows, because they take up a lot of room and it’s not the smartest option. If you want different looks, make sure you have palettes that will help you achieve those. Make sure you check out my post about my travel makeup bag too! Here are the palettes that I’m currently travelling with:


The neutral palette

Kylie Travel Makeup

Okay, my version of a neutral palette at least. I toyed with the idea of bringing my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, but this has the shades I need and it’s thinner and more compact. These have everything you need for a daytime look, a more sultry look, or a glam look. I love this palette so much. Red tones are my everything, and they just give such a romantic vibe. I’m sure most eyeshadow enthusiasts like myself will have their own ride-or-die neutral palette on hand. They’re essential to any eyeshadow routine, so if you don’t have one, do your research and find one that speaks to you.


The pop of colour

Travel Makeup Pastel Goth

You’re probably tired of hearing about this palette already, if you’ve seen my review and my spring makeup must haves. But that’s exactly why I’m bringing it with me when I travel. Any spring look I want, at my fingertips. Paired with my neutral palette, this gives me so much flexibility. So think about having some colour with you when you’re travelling. It can break up the monotony of neutrals. Even just adding a pop of green or blue on the lower lash line can liven up a look.


The highlighter palette

Travel Makeup Moonstone

Even a traveller has to have their highlighter. I couldn’t resist bringing this along. With this palette, I have a variety of highlights for different looks, and the subtle shifts of colour will add some extra fun. If I don’t feel like having such a duochrome shade, Star is a light silver that can hold its own. I like having a variety of highlighters with me, and this palette is thin and compact enough that I can afford to have some choices.

If you’re not a highlighter junkie, pick a blush palette, or a bronzer palette. Try to give yourself a little bit more choice even with your face makeup.


As I said before…

Palettes can save you a lot of space, and give you a lot of options at the same time. It’s really the best of both worlds. Travel makeup is hard sometimes, because you don’t want your routine to suffer. I find that especially for long trips, palettes are an amazing investment. They don’t lock you into one look for the entire trip! Make sure you check out what’s in my travel makeup bag, and all the other awesome beauty info I have.

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