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Making the Most Out of Your Trip to the Colosseum

One of Rome’s most prominent sites, The Colosseum is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. When I was in Rome, I stayed at a hotel so close to the Colosseum that you could see it as soon as you walked down the street. It really is a surreal sight to experience. It’s a building so deeply rooted in History that there’s very few people who don’t know what it looks like.

As a popular tourist site, The Colosseum is insanely busy. There are a few ways to beat the crowd: Don’t go in the peak season, stay away from mid-afternoon visits. But there’s a better way, and I have three words for you: Walks of Italy. Now hear me out, because this is not a sponsored post. This company made my experience in Rome so much better. I’ve done the sights with this company and without, on separate occasions. I have to say that they really allow you to experience the main attractions of Rome with a lot more substance. That’s why they’re my first tip!


Walks of Italy

It was my dad that first turned me on to this company, because I’d never heard of them before. A tour that lets you into the sights at off-peak hours? Sign me up. I did two of their tours while in Rome, and the one I did for the Colosseum was called the Premium Colosseum Tour. Less than $100, and worth every penny.

They use small groups, which is ideal, so you don’t feel like a tiny sardine being ushered along. They also provide you with a headset so you can always hear your tour guide, which was handy in crowded spaces. I normally don’t like guided tours, because they can be dry and long-winded, but the guide we had was actually an archeology student with a clear passion for the area, which made it all the more interesting. She was constantly telling little stories and explaining the meanings behind various artworks and areas.

I’d 100% recommend their tours if you’re going to be in Rome. I’ll probably mention them again in future blogposts, because they really were amazing.


Stairs, stairs, stairs

A little tip: be ready to walk a lot, and be ready for stairs. The stairs in The Colosseum are steep and unforgiving. Europe takes a lot out of you in terms of walking and climbing, and this attraction is no exception. If there’s one hint I have for you, it’s to bring good shoes. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t worn my running shoes.

This is true especially if you decide to do the Walks of Italy tour. Their Colosseum tours also include the Forum and Palatine Hill, making for a long walk. Just be prepared for some exercise!


Go back at night

Colosseum at Night

If you don’t opt for the night tour through Walks of Italy, I’d still suggest going back at night to see it lit up. It’s quite impressive in the dark, and it allows for a completely different experience of just how large this building is. There are always vendors around this area, but they won’t bother you much. There’s always people along the streets selling their artwork and small souvenirs. It really is an interesting nightlife to experience.


Don’t skip it

Whatever you do, don’t skip this one. There are an abundance of things to see in Rome, and you could easily fill weeks of itineraries trying to experience it all. This particular monument is one that you don’t want to put off, because it is the perfect example of what Rome was. There is so much history within The Colosseum, and it has a unique way of bringing you into the idea of what it must have been like back then. I find that The Colosseum more than anywhere else gives you a sense of what life was like for a Roman.


Most of all, just try to take it all in. The Colosseum is one of the most recognizable legacies of Roman culture, and it deserves to be experienced! If you’re looking for more travel tips in Italy, make sure you check out my Tips for Cinque Terre and Verona. I post travel blogs every Wednesday!

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