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GenBeauty Toronto 2017: Haul, Experience, and GIVEAWAY!

Ipsy’s exciting beauty convention, GenBeauty came back to Toronto for its second year, and I was there to soak up all the excitement. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Ipsy is a company created by Michelle Phan, who made her name on Youtube as a “beauty guru”. Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that gives you a couple makeup products every month in a cute makeup bag, allowing you to try different brands or new products from brands you already love. A few years ago, they started doing beauty conventions in Los Angeles and New York, and last year they had their first GenBeauty Toronto! I went to the first one and thought it was totally worth it, so when I heard they were coming back for round two I grabbed tickets.


How it works:

This is how it happens: you get a pass for two days, which has a little bingo sheet inside. This is your pass to get products from the brands. Every brand has their own booth, and you walk around from booth to booth collecting products and taking photos. This year they did it a lot better than last year in my opinion, and had the different brands stamp your sheet instead of making you tear their tab off to give it to them in order to get your product.

You also get an amazing gift bag, full of products from all of the brands, that is separate from the products you collect during the convention itself. Last year, there was a smaller gift bag each day, whereas this year it was one large gift bag, making things a lot more organized in my opinion.

There’s also the exciting opportunity to meet some of your favourite influencers. I met Samantha Ravndahl last year at GenBeauty Toronto (she’s amazing, check her out if you aren’t familiar) and she was so sweet. You do have to be careful and show up early though, they tend to cut the line really short for every meet and greet, and they don’t allot much time for them either.

There were a couple brands I was sad to see weren’t there this year at GenBeauty Toronto (Tarte, Too Faced, Make Up Forever) but there were other big brands that made up for it. I really hope they get even more brands next year!

GenBeauty is a lot different from IMATS, in that the products you get from the brands are included as opposed to buying things at each booth. This year there were a lot more brands that were selling things, but it isn’t a necessary component of the show. If the brands do have things for sale, they’re usually at a steep discount, or they have special exclusives for the show (Nudestix had the option to create your own customized box of Magnetic Matte lip pencils). I was dying to get the Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman brushes, but I pulled myself together and kept my no-buy. Yes, that’s right – I didn’t buy anything at GenBeauty! Everything you see in the photos is what was included in my ticket.

One of the nice things this year was that I found brands made a lot more effort to create an experience for showgoers. IGK had the founders there to tease your hair into perfection, Pixi had a gorgeous leafy flower swing to take your photo with, Smashbox was doing lip art, and Marc Anthony Haircare was doing fun buns and space buns. It really was just a fun way to spend some time with your friends, and get a bit glam.

I paid $99 plus taxes for my ticket, and ended up with over $500 worth of product (calculated based on retail price, not including taxes). If you ask me, I’d say that’s worth it. Especially because the products I received I feel like I’ll get a lot of use out of. But that’s what you’re here for – the haul! So let’s get into it. Below are the products I got from each brand at GenBeauty Toronto, and a short description of their booth experience.



GenBeauty Toronto Haul


MAC – For Mac’s first year at GenBeauty, they came in with a bang. In the goodie bag, we got a full sized lipstick (there were a variety of shades given) and at the booth, you got a full sized retro matte liquid lipstick and a full sized lipliner if you followed them on Instagram. They had body painters there for in-line entertainment, and lots of their bestselling items for sale at steep discounts.

Benefit – We got a travel size They’re Real Primer along with a full sized brow primer. Better than last year (they only gave a sample sized hoola liquid) and their booth was cute. Very Benefit styled. They also had artists on hand to do your brows for you.

Ciate  – Their booth actually didn’t give out any samples, which was disappointing because they had insanely long lines all weekend. They did do your highlight and a small mini-makeover. The only product from Ciate was the one included in the goodie bag, which was a mini liquid lipstick.

Absolute New York – I only got what they had in the goodie bag, a pastel neon eyeliner, because their booth was packed all weekend. They had cotton candy and music and cute balloons, making them a huge hit. From what I understand, their booth experience was really good and had the opportunity for more products. I just didn’t get a chance to get there!

Nudestix – One of my personal favourites of the brands that attended (check them out in my pale girl diaries series), Nudestix gave out a full sized magnetic matte lip pencil of your choice. I’m kicking myself for not buying the BabeBoss box or getting their show special (a customizable set of magnetic mattes of your choice) but I love the colour I got (Capri), and I was really happy with it!

Luxie Beauty – I got two brushes from Luxie! There was a detailed blender brush and a small eyeliner brush, one in the goodie bag and one from their booth. They had steep discounts on two brush sets at their booth, which was themed Wonder Woman (SO COOL).

Covergirl – I received two different Melting Pout liquid lipsticks, one in the goodie bag and one from their booth. They had odd colours available, one was a dark blue, and one was a raspberry shade. Their booth was so nice, but I wish they had actually given out foundation samples because that seemed to be their focus. The booth had the opportunity to get foundation matched to their new Healthy Elixir foundation, but that was the end of it. There was a gorgeous flower/garden backdrop to take a photo in front of.

Smashbox – One word: disappointing. Last year, Smashbox gave out full sized primers, and this year there was a mini sample. Just a letdown from one of the bigger brands, in my opinion. The goodie bag had a sample size of their metallic liquid lipstick, which was nice.

Briogeo – This booth was neat (too bad I didn’t make it there, their line was always closed!) because they were making customized hair masks by adding essential oils to them based on your hair concerns. They had a sample of their Rosarco Milk in the goodie bag.

NYX – We got a full sized highlighter palette from NYX! Really good value and they had a fun booth where they would do your highlight. They also put a butter gloss in the goodie bag.

Goomee – I’m obsessed with this brand now, haha. They gave a four pack of their gummy hair ties in the bag, and one extra if you visited the booth. These things are bomb. I’m a fan.

Marc Anthony – This booth was totally worth it. Travel sizes of their Argan Oil Hairspray, Dry Shampoo, and one of their deep conditioning treatments. I also had my hair done and got a full sized dry oil from them! The goodie bag had a travel size of their coconut hairspray. All in all, Marc Anthony gave us a bang for our buck in this one.

Dr. Belmeur – This brand had a gauze sheet mask in the goodie bag, and if you visited the booth they gave out samples of their cleanser and cream, as well as another sheet mask based on your skin concerns! I’ve already used one of the masks and I liked it.

EVA NYC – The goodie bag had one of their hair oils, and hair towelettes (??? I have to try these) were given out at the booth. They also had some really good deals for purchase.

OGX – Their booth gave two sample packets of shampoo & conditioner (same as last year), but the goodie bag had a travel size of their coconut shampoo!

PUR Cosmetics – PUR gave a travel sized mascara at their booth, and a full sized foundation sponge in the goodie bag. They also had tons of products at steep discounts at their booth. They were sold out of almost everything by the end of the first day though!

SkinFix – Their booth gave out a flavourless lip balm along with a flavoured lip balm, and their goodie bag contribution was a full sized cream. Really good value from this brand!

Dirty Little Secret – This brand gave a full sized nude lipgloss in the goodie bag, and had an assortment of unconventionally coloured lipsticks to give away at their booth.

Royal & Langnickel – This booth was a pain in the butt. They had you spin a wheel to get a brush, but they had “Spin again” tiles on the wheel that people kept hitting so it would take ages. Why even bother having those on the wheel?! They didn’t get anything from them. Anyways, I digress. The goodie bag had a brush, and the booth gave you another full sized brush.

SooAE New York – I got a couple sheet masks from this brand, one in my goodie bag and two from the booth. From what I understand they’re a Korean brand that’s really well known for their masks. Can’t wait to try!

IGK – This brand really appealed to me. The founders were there to tease your hair and give you a short five minute style, and they gave out a full sized texturizing spray. Definitely “sex on the beach” hair vibes from this one. The goodie bag had a coconut oil sample from them as well.

Essence – A full sized mascara was included in the goodie bag, and I received a liquid lipstick from their booth!

GlamGlow – The goodie bag had a really small sample of their Volcasmic moisturizer, and the booth had a deluxe Flashmud sample.

Physician’s Formula – I got a full sized eyeshadow palette in my goodie bag, though I understand it was different for everyone! Their booth also gave out a randomized item, I got a full sized butter blush.

Pixi – They had one of the cutest booths at the event, and they were always insanely busy. I got a full sized eyeliner in the goodie bag, and a sample sized eyeliner of a different colour from the booth.

PopBeauty  – I got a trio of brushes from their booth, as well as a full sized face primer, and a full sized eyeliner from the goodie bag. Really great stuff from this brand.


Overall, by my calculations, It was over $600 worth of product! That is wild. Better value this year at GenBeauty Toronto than last year’s products, but I was missing some of the brands that we had last year. Overall, super happy with the event and I would definitely go back.


Giveaway GenBeauty Toronto 2017

Now, I know you’re all wanting to know about this Giveaway! I wanted to put together a little treat for you guys. Here’s how you can enter: follow THIS LINK and perform the tasks. Depending on how many you complete, you can get more entries into the draw. This will be available until July 15th, 2017! Thank you for all your support guys, it means the world to me!

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