Things to do in Prague cityscape

The Prague City Guide: Things to Do in Prague

Recently I had the pleasure of being able to visit Prague! To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as it was the first time I’d travelled that far East in Europe. It ended up being one of my favourite places that I’ve ever visited. It’s so different and so lively, and if you have the chance to visit please go! I’d definitely recommend it. I wanted to compile a list of things to do in Prague that I think are unmissable. If you’re travelling in Europe and you need more travel inspo, make sure to check out my other travel posts!


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My May Favourites – Tea & Lippies

Well, May is over and we’re onto June! I had a lot of products that I fell in love with in May, so I decided to put together my May Favourites for you. There’s a bit of everything in here, from clothes to makeup, and I think I’m going to keep doing these every month (provided I have fallen in love with enough new things to tell you about!)

For some context, I was travelling for almost the entirety of May. I went to Europe for a little over three weeks, covering 5 countries and loving absolutely every second of it. I’m working on some travel posts already so be sure to keep an eye out! I did do a bunch of posts on my travel essentials before I left as well, with my travel makeup bag, travel palettes, and travel skincare, so be sure to check those out.

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My Current Travel Makeup Palettes

When I’m looking at what to pack for travel makeup, I’m looking at portability and maximum efficiency. This is true with makeup palettes especially. I shy away from bringing single eyeshadows, because they take up a lot of room and it’s not the smartest option. If you want different looks, make sure you have palettes that will help you achieve those. Make sure you check out my post about my travel makeup bag too! Here are the palettes that I’m currently travelling with:

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Drunk Elephant Travel Skincare

My Travel Skincare: Drunk Elephant Littles

When I travel, I still want to keep up with my skincare. The inconsistency of planes, hotels, and trains can really do a number on your skin. It’s important to me that I take care of my skin whether I’m at home or out of the country. Travel skincare needs to be small, effective, and simple to use.

Enter the Drunk Elephant Littles, my new best friends. These little lifesavers retail for $100 at Sephora in Canada, with a $130 value behind that price tag. If you’ve never heard of Drunk Elephant before, let me tell you a little bit about why I like their brand so much.

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What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag

If you’re a makeup lover, you know that this is the hardest bag to pack: the travel makeup bag. I’m notorious for agonizing over what to bring. What if I want to wear this eyeshadow? What if we decide to go out somewhere nice and I want a shimmery lipgloss to complete the look? Total first world problems, I know. Well, today I’m packing for a three week trip to Europe, and let me tell you: picking my makeup items was ridiculously hard.

This post is going to be a long one, so buckle up.

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Salzburg Streets

5 Things to Do When Exploring Salzburg

Salzburg is a great place to visit when you’re looking for a taste of old Austria. It exudes a certain charm, with its winding narrow streets and the fortress that oversees it from atop a hill. I’ve used Salzburg twice as an “inbetween town”, in my travels, breaking up the long and arduous journey from Germany to Italy. It’s a great place to spend a day or two. There’s great Austrian food to be had here, and quite a few sights to keep you busy. I have a couple tips and fun things to do while you’re there, so here we go.

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Colosseum Inside

Making the Most Out of Your Trip to the Colosseum

One of Rome’s most prominent sites, The Colosseum is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. When I was in Rome, I stayed at a hotel so close to the Colosseum that you could see it as soon as you walked down the street. It really is a surreal sight to experience. It’s a building so deeply rooted in History that there’s very few people who don’t know what it looks like.

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Neuschwanstein Castle

4 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Visit to Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein, or, as it’s better known: The Sleeping Beauty Castle, is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany. This castle inspired Walt Disney’s castle in Disneyland, and its facade is truly a vision from a fairytale. I have some tips and tricks for making the most out of your trip to this magical destination, and I think I’m up to giving you my inside info. If you want more travel tips from yours truly, check them out HERE.

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Verona Italy

Visiting Verona: Juliet’s Balcony and Other Must Sees

Verona is somewhere that I hadn’t planned to visit, but I’m so glad I did.  My boyfriend and I were staying in Bologna, and we had already seen everything we wanted to see, but still had another day booked there. So we decided to take a day trip to Verona, which was only a short (and cheap!) train ride away. To be honest, after we arrived in Verona, I wished we’d booked our hotel there instead. It’s absolutely beautiful there. Exactly what you imagine when you think of Italy. I wanted to share some things you should do while you’re there.

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Cinque Terre - Manarola

7 Tips for Travelling in Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been – maybe even the most beautiful. If you’re not familiar, The Cinque Terre is a seaside region of Italy that’s comprised of five towns, each with their own charm and beautiful scenery. If you’re thinking of visiting there, here are some tips that I picked up while I was there.

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