Pale Girl Diaries: Best Blushes for Fair Skin

I’m back with more tips for my fair-skinned friends out there. I know the struggle of thinking a blush is absolutely gorgeous, only to have it be a blazing red stamp on your cheek when you apply it. Blushes are one of the more deceiving beauty products in the pan, and in my opinion, are one of the hardest products to buy. It’s really difficult to know just how a blush is going to apply and look on the skin! Which is why I’ve collected my favourites to share with you. If you need more Pale Girl Diaries instalments, be sure to check out The Best Nude Lipsticks and The Best Highlighters for fair skin! Let me know what other products you want included in this series. Without further ado: here are The Best Blushes for Fair Skin.


NARS Luster Blushes for Fair SKin

NARS – Luster

This blush is a gorgeous peachy terracotta, and is one of my go-to blushes when I want to get away from pink or coral. It can be hard to find a nude toned blush that doesn’t pull too orange on my fair skin, or look like straight up bronzer, but this does the job. It manages to make me look both alive and sunkissed: who would have thought that was even a possibility? NARS is known for their amazing blush formula, because it’s pigmented but easy to blend out. One of their blushes will last you ages, trust me. (Sephora)


Benefit Rockateur Blushes for Fair SKin

Benefit – Rockateur

Benefit is known for their boxed powders, and Rockateur is one that I feel slipped under the radar. This soft mauvey pink has a hint of shimmer to it, but it isn’t overpowering. I’d say that it really is only enough shine to bring life to the cheeks. It applies beautifully and is neutral enough that it won’t overpower any eye look you pair it with. Definitely a go to for me. (Sephora)


Kylie Cosmetics Blushes for Fair SKin

Kylie Cosmetics – Barely Legal

So I actually bought this by accident, in my mad dash to get the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collab. But let me tell you – I’m glad I did. This is my new everyday blush. To those who complain about the “lack of pigment” – let me tell you something: not everyone needs an insanely pigmented blush, nor do they want one. Blush isn’t supposed to smack you in the face with its presence all the time, and there is definitely a place for a sheer blush formula. Now don’t get me wrong – the colour payoff on this is still really nice, but because it isn’t high impact, it makes it easy and fast for a “no makeup” makeup look. Sheer blushes make some of the best blushes for fair skin. Can’t recommend this one enough, and I am in the market for her other colours now. (


NYX Cosmetics Blushes for Fair SKin

NYX – Amber

Let the drugstore have its moment! NYX is home to my favourite deep peach blush. This is great for when I want to stick with warm tones, or when I’m doing an entirely peach-toned look as seen on my Instagram.  I really have a tendency to stick with corals or pink tones, but I’m glad I stepped outside of my box with this one because it’s absolutely stunning. It warms up the skin just enough without looking like an orange stripe, you know? (



Too Faced – Love Hangover

This blush was my everyday blush for so long and yet I haven’t even dented it (Isn’t this the cutest packaging ever, by the way?) If you’re looking for a true pink then this is the blush for you. This is a warm pink that puts barbie to shame, and it kind of looks like it belongs in Polly Pocket’s handbag. It’s a really nice formula, and looks beautiful on the skin. Finding a true pink that doesn’t overpower a pale girl like me can be really difficult, but this does it. (Sephora)


Hourglass Best Blushes for Fair skin

Hourglass – Luminous Flush

My rose toned baby. Mine is actually broken to pieces (RIP) so excuse the lack of a glamour shot. This is probably one of the prettiest and most natural blush formulas I’ve ever tried. There’s a reason why a lot of MUA’s choose to use this line on brides. It makes you look absolutely radiant, and it doesn’t look shimmery or tacky. 10/10. One of the best blushes for fair skin that I’ve found. (Sephora)


The Swatches:

Blushes for Fair Skin Swatches
L-R: (Kylie, NYX, Hourglass, NARS, Benefit)


These are my personal favourites, and I’m glad that I ended up with a good range of colours in this batch. I hope that if you’re looking, there was a colour here that caught your eye. Make sure to follow over on Instagram and Facebook to find out when I post new content, and fill out my short survey so that I can make content you’ll enjoy!

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