The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to spoil your mom. She takes care of you, loves you, and she’s pretty. So get her something nice, okay?! She deserves it. I wanted to put together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you if you have trouble thinking of awesome gift ideas.

Whenever I look for things to get my mom, I want them to be personal, and for them to be something that she wouldn’t normally buy herself. Get her a treat, a fun thing that she wouldn’t spend her own money on. That’s what gifts are for! They’re supposed to be fun, exciting things that make a person’s day. Your mom is no exception!


I wanted to put together a gift guide for those of you who might be having trouble finding what to get your mom as a gift. These are sure to make her feel special and loved on Mother’s Day.


1. The gift that keeps on giving

Pandora Bracelet
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A Pandora bracelet is one of the best investments that can be made in gift giving. As soon as your mom has a bracelet, you can help fill it with charms on future holidays! Charm bracelets are one of my favourite things because they’re so customizable. You can really have fun with getting charms that fit your mom’s personality and hobbies. Disney lover? They have the absolute cutest Disney charms. There really is no limit to the types of charms they have, and they add more constantly. You can’t lose!


2. The skincare lover

Moms Set

Sephora is really good for having gift sets, the “Sephora Favorites” line in particular. The great thing about these is they’re a collection of not only different products, but different brands. This specific one, called Power of the Petal, is a pampering set with face masks, a hand mask, and various anti-aging products. This is a great way to let your mom pamper herself without dropping major cash on a spa day.


3. For the mom who’s into oils


This gorgeous diffuser is the perfect thing if your mom has been into essential oils lately. It seems like with the rising popularity of stores like Saje, everyone is diffusing essential oils for different purposes. I just love how cute this one is. You can find more modern looking ones, but I prefer the more earthy tone of this one.


4. The mom who loves to read


Does your mom love to read? This is probably the best gift you could get her. A portable e-reader, whether it be this Kindle Paperweight or a Kobo, is insanely convenient for a book lover. I use my e-reader whenever I travel, because it means I don’t have to bring multiple books with me. I’d recommend getting one with a backlight built in, just because it’s so handy. But the best part about reading on a dedicated e-reader is that it doesn’t hurt your eyes the way reading on a normal screen would. They’re developed to be easy on the eyes, and give the reader an experience similar to reading from paper. I can’t get enough of mine.


5. The mani/pedi mom

KL Polish
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Kathleen Lights’ new Spring Collection is something that any nail-obsessed mom would love, I’m sure of it. These colours are so gorgeous for this time of year. Can you believe that Cinderella Periwinkle colour? I die for it. KLPolish has an amazing formula that is worth trying, and this full spring set is only $45USD. That’s a good deal if you ask me.


6. The workout mom

Fit Bit

The FitBit is expensive, yes, but it’s a great investment, especially if your mom loves workout out. The new FitBit Aria is thinner and more fashionable than any of their other models, making it a lot easier to wear. I love looking at the end of the day to see my step count, and how many calories I’ve burned. The app is so well designed that it makes working out more fun, if that’s even possible. If your mom is a fitness nut, this might be a good gift for her.


That’s it for my first gift guide! Let me know if this is the type of thing you’d like to see more on the blog, because I can do them for other occasions as well. Make sure you check out some of my other recent lifestyle posts.

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