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Shows Worth Binge Watching Right Now

University’s out, and the days are getting longer. It’s the perfect time for finding new (or old favourites) to watch. I’ve been binge watching a few of these lately, and I figured I’d share them with you. These shows are all over the place in terms of genre, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like. I’m quite all over the place in terms of taste in television shows. I hope you enjoy my eclectic taste!


If you haven’t seen BBC’s Sherlock, what are you doing with your life?! Benedict Cumberbatch is a revelation as Sherlock, and Martin Freeman is the perfect Watson to complement him. This show may seem easy to get through on first glance, as each series only has three episodes, but each episode is around two hours long. Each story is like a miniature movie in itself, intricate and well thought out.

The acting is phenomenal, the storylines are captivating, and it makes for an exciting watch. If you love mystery and sarcastic comedy, you’ll love this one.


13 Reasons Why

A deep, dark dive into teen suicide, 13 Reasons Why really surprised me. When I started watching it, it seemed really shallow and badly acted. But as I got more into the show, it got a lot better. I think it has an important message, and I think it does really well conveying that. Is its pacing the best? Definitely not. But I still think it’s worth the watch.

You can binge watch this easily, and it’s all on Netflix being that it’s their original. If you like fiction that feels real, this could be a good show for you. The reality of Hannah’s situation hits home in a lot of ways, and I know it has for a lot of people. Stick it out and give it a real chance.



When my dad suggested this show, I wasn’t too sure. After two episodes, I was hooked, and got my boyfriend hooked. This show is one of the most interesting science fiction shows I’ve seen in a very long time. It will hook you, surprise you, and captivate you. HBO really knows what they’re doing.

The cast is phenomenal, with lots of familiar faces, including Sir Anthony Hopkins in all of his glory. It’s really hard to explain the plot of this show, but it is based on the 1973 movie of the same name. Just check it out, okay? I promise it won’t disappoint you.


The Vampire Diaries

Hear me out. After Westworld, I’m sure seeing this name was a bit jarring for you. It’s good though! Well, the first four seasons are. Then it kind of goes off the deep end. But I’m in the middle of binge watching it right now and I forgot how much I loved this show. Ian Somerhalder is absolutely devilish as Damon Salvatore, and for that reason alone, this show is worth watching. His character is so interesting to watch.

If you’re looking for something fun and supernatural that keeps you guessing with fun twists and turns, this is a good show for you. It’s fun!



This is my guilty pleasure. It’s so bad, but it’s so good. The acting is very over the top at times, especially where Cheryl Blossom is concerned, and the show has absolutely nothing to do with the Archie Comics it’s based on. But it’s still a lot of fun to watch. If you like being able to mindlessly enjoy drama and mystery, this is a fun show for you. This show is utterly ridiculous at times, but that’s what makes it such a spectacle to watch.

It’s part teen drama, part crime story, part mystery. Riverdale is a trainwreck, but it’s an enjoyable one.


The Crown

From the moment I saw the trailer for this show, I was so excited. If you like history, especially royal history, then you will adore this show. It follows Queen Elizabeth II as a young woman, before she was even Queen. It’s fascinating as a young person who’s never known her as anything but an elderly monarch.

It’s an amazing drama, with even better actors. The writing is fabulous, and it really made me empathize with Elizabeth as she went through the monarchy being thrust upon her unexpectedly.


So get watching…

These are my recommendations, but I’d like to hear yours! Let me know in the comments what shows you think I should be binge watching. Make sure you check out my other lifestyle posts while you’re here!

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  1. Great list!

    I was a bit disappointed with the Crown, I just felt like it was so slow. Super interesting though!

    This post reminded me about Vampire Diaries, I might need to dive back into that one. Have you watched The Originals (I think that’s what the spin off is called…)?

    1. Love Vampire Diaries! The Originals never captured me, I just didn’t get into the storyline as much!

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