Giveaway GenBeauty Toronto 2017

GenBeauty Toronto 2017: Haul, Experience, and GIVEAWAY!

Ipsy’s exciting beauty convention, GenBeauty came back to Toronto for its second year, and I was there to soak up all the excitement. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Ipsy is a company created by Michelle Phan, who made her name on Youtube as a “beauty guru”. Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that gives you a couple makeup products every month in a cute makeup bag, allowing you to try different brands or new products from brands you already love. A few years ago, they started doing beauty conventions in Los Angeles and New York, and last year they had their first GenBeauty Toronto! I went to the first one and thought it was totally worth it, so when I heard they were coming back for round two I grabbed tickets.

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Header Red Lips

Pale Girl Diaries: The Best Red Lipsticks for Fair Skin

I’m feeling the Snow White vibes looking at the photos in this post! It’s time for another section of the Pale Girl Diaries, and this time we’re going bold. I wanted to keep building on this series because it’s been really successful so far! So in this post I have six red lipsticks for fair skin that will hopefully help you find your perfect shade and formula.

When I’m looking for a red lipstick, I want longevity and pigment. I haven’t found a sheer red lipstick that I’ve fallen in love with (if you have a recommendation you think will change my mind, throw it my way!) so I tend to stick to what I know. In my opinion, a liquid lipstick is your best option for rocking a red lip, so there’s quite a few of those in here. I’ve also included two traditional lipsticks for those of you who aren’t into a liquid formula.

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Things to do in Prague cityscape

The Prague City Guide: Things to Do in Prague

Recently I had the pleasure of being able to visit Prague! To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as it was the first time I’d travelled that far East in Europe. It ended up being one of my favourite places that I’ve ever visited. It’s so different and so lively, and if you have the chance to visit please go! I’d definitely recommend it. I wanted to compile a list of things to do in Prague that I think are unmissable. If you’re travelling in Europe and you need more travel inspo, make sure to check out my other travel posts!


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Pale Girl Diaries: Best Blushes for Fair Skin

I’m back with more tips for my fair-skinned friends out there. I know the struggle of thinking a blush is absolutely gorgeous, only to have it be a blazing red stamp on your cheek when you apply it. Blushes are one of the more deceiving beauty products in the pan, and in my opinion, are one of the hardest products to buy. It’s really difficult to know just how a blush is going to apply and look on the skin! Which is why I’ve collected my favourites to share with you. If you need more Pale Girl Diaries instalments, be sure to check out The Best Nude Lipsticks and The Best Highlighters for fair skin! Let me know what other products you want included in this series. Without further ado: here are The Best Blushes for Fair Skin.

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May Favourites

Summer Iced Tea Picks You Just Have To Try

If you know me, you know that I drink a lot of iced tea. Like, my bloodstream is probably 70% iced tea. I’m not much of a pop drinker, so iced tea is my go-to drink. Normally I stick to Nestea (Brisk is the devil) but lately I’ve been drinking a lot of loose-leaf iced teas, as you might have seen in my May Favourites! I wanted to share some of my favourite teas with you guys, and some of them were even recommendations that were shared on my Instagram. If you have any other teas you want to share with me, definitely let me know because I love trying new flavours.


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My May Favourites – Tea & Lippies

Well, May is over and we’re onto June! I had a lot of products that I fell in love with in May, so I decided to put together my May Favourites for you. There’s a bit of everything in here, from clothes to makeup, and I think I’m going to keep doing these every month (provided I have fallen in love with enough new things to tell you about!)

For some context, I was travelling for almost the entirety of May. I went to Europe for a little over three weeks, covering 5 countries and loving absolutely every second of it. I’m working on some travel posts already so be sure to keep an eye out! I did do a bunch of posts on my travel essentials before I left as well, with my travel makeup bag, travel palettes, and travel skincare, so be sure to check those out.

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KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks – Review

After a long wait, I finally have my hands on these. The KKW x Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks. I ordered them on release day, along with so many others that were excited at the idea of a Kim and Kylie collab. Kim Kardashian, whether you love her or hate her, is a huge influence on cosmetic trends. If she wears a look on a red carpet or in a candid photo, you can believe that it’ll start popping up everywhere. When I saw that she was going to be making a lipstick collection (with other things yet to come, *wink wink*) with her sister, I was on board.

The KKW Collection is a set of four liquid lipsticks in a formula that’s brand new to Kylie’s brand. Backing away from the matte look her brand is known for, these are in a créme formula. The lipsticks are meant to be four different nudes, to go with Kim’s trademark lip look.

For reference, I absolutely love the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick formula (Two of her lipsticks are in my favourite nude lip roundup). I’ve bought from her brand several times, and I’m a fan of the quality and the price point. I’ve been really loving the look of glossier lips lately, but I hate the sticky feeling of most lipgloss, so I was hoping to find a perfect hybrid in this collection!

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Spring Reading List

10 Books You Need to Have on Your Spring Reading List

Finding good books is always hard. It takes me forever to pick which books to read, which sucks because I go through them so fast. Being a fast reader used to suck, because I’d always have to bring three or four books with me when travelling. That’s the reason why I love my e-reader so much. If you don’t have one, look into it. The Kobo is my reader of choice, but I have friends who swear by the Kindle as well. Either way, both e-reader libraries should have the books I’m about to mention!

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My Current Travel Makeup Palettes

When I’m looking at what to pack for travel makeup, I’m looking at portability and maximum efficiency. This is true with makeup palettes especially. I shy away from bringing single eyeshadows, because they take up a lot of room and it’s not the smartest option. If you want different looks, make sure you have palettes that will help you achieve those. Make sure you check out my post about my travel makeup bag too! Here are the palettes that I’m currently travelling with:

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Binge Watching

Shows Worth Binge Watching Right Now

University’s out, and the days are getting longer. It’s the perfect time for finding new (or old favourites) to watch. I’ve been binge watching a few of these lately, and I figured I’d share them with you. These shows are all over the place in terms of genre, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like. I’m quite all over the place in terms of taste in television shows. I hope you enjoy my eclectic taste!

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